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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since moving in to this house a year ago I've really done little in the yard. I decided yesterday that I'd try to tackle it one bed at a time. My first victim was riddled with weeds and huge clover clumps so I methodically started at one side and battled them to the other. The winner is now writing this post! I knew I wanted to go to the old house and dig up some of my perennials that have been with me for years now so I loaded up a tarp to protect the cargo area of my SUV and a shovel and headed 'round the corner. Upon looking at them I realized I was several weeks late in this task - the plants were huge. I set to dig......and dig........and grunt.....and dig some more (in the noonday sun I might add so I was sweating like crazy). The ginormous hosta must have weighed more than 50lbs. I only got 3 echinecea, 3 phlox and a couple delphinium and the monster hosta before I gave up but it's a start and looks lovely compared to what it did just yesterday! You can see how big that beast is, the statue is about 3 feet tall.
I've got a lot more to dig up at the old house and still have more room in this particular bed but I'm pleased. I also got some cucumbers and dill planted this afternoon too. 
I'm calling it a day, time to clean up and work on something inside - like the kitchen maybe? What a mess if I'm not on it diligently, I sometimes feel like I live with a teenager.
Another garden song for your listening pleasure from my favorite Van the Man, I couldn't find a good video but turn it up anyway!
No Guru, no method, no teacher just you and I and nature and the father in the garden...............at the Shores

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BelleSouth said...

Good for you! And that IS one ginormous hosta!

Susan HP said...

I saw you on the blog hop & realized that I didn't recognize the picture. Not only are your hostas HUGE, but I adore the statue!!!!
And you can never have too much Van. :)
Happy Sunday, girlfriend!

Andrea said...

Susan, that statue I found buried in the weeds one of the flower beds, it's got a hookup underneath for a water pump but that might have to wait for another time :)
Rebecca, so good of you to pop in. I hope you are taking care of yourself!

Amy said...

Looks lovely, and I adore the statue!



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