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Custom Orders?

Monday, September 26, 2011

A few days ago someone inquired about a custom order and after a couple messages back and forth regarding what exactly they wanted  they decided to go ahead and have one made. I couldn't shake an uneasy feeling I kept having so in my last message I stated that I require half down - I've heard nothing since. Normally unless it is personalized I pretty much will do it with nothing down (or unless I just don't like what was chosen) because I'll just pop it in my shops for sale, while this hasn't happened yet that's my thought on the matter. Anyway, I was wondering just what your experiences with custom orders are. Do you require a deposit? Payment in full? Have you ever gotten burned? Leave me a comment!
I've gotten several new books bound using the ream of 90# watercolor paper I purchased

Unfamiliar Occasion (Click for more pictures)
A Visual Affair (Click for more pictures)
Charming Certainty (Click for more pictures)
Tuned Hope (Click for more pictures)

The clickable links go to my Etsy shop only because the photos are nicer there. I'd MUCH more prefer to sell out of my HAFshop as they don't take a commission unlike Etsy! ;o)
And the 3 below are custom orders

So, there will not be a On Fire For Handmade artisan to share here this week. Why? You ask (or maybe you're not, but humor me here!) Because I am that featured artist! If you have a shop you really should consider joining the group, my books have been in 5 Etsy treasuries over the past 2 days, not to mention my item view count has gone WAY up, we're on Facebook too. Plus, Anne who runs the group tirelessly promotes the group like crazy! Her shop by the way is here, lovely scarves, wraps and more!

Closing this long winded post with Bon Iver

I'll be holding all the tickets..............at the Shores

Bumpy Ride?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy week...well, I guess they are always busy if I want them to be. It just may be a bumpy ride in to the holidays. I just got 5 more book orders, 2 similar to the one below, 4 are for Christmas gifts. I had a go with making a slipcase that locks as the customer didn't want the lock on the book but did want to be able to lock it....never to be stumped, this is what I came up with. The slipcase was all black and looked a little bare so I cut out some of the skulls and a rose from the fabric I covered the book in and adhered them to the front. I love it! I posted this on my Facebook page and two more were ordered. I guess the skulls and roses is a popular theme. That will be it for this fabric since I only do a max of 3 (different bindings) from any one material.
I have 3 to get finished by tomorrow evening.

Have you ever stopped by Steamy Kitchen? Jaden Hair's blog is great, she's a funny gal to be sure, her recipes are awesome and the BEST giveaways can be found there..one of these days I'm going to win something I just know it! 

This week from On Fire For Handmade teammate is Flower and Bud:
This weeks Featured Artisan is Debbi La Rue - Flower & Bud Handcrafted Jewelry!
You can find Flower & Bud on:
LOTS of cool pieces there - have a look won't you?

This song reminds me of my late mother-in-law. The two of us were going to dinner one night and this was playing on the car radio...I can still hear her humming in the passenger seat next to me. Makes me smile.
Thinking of you, Ma........at the Shores

On This Harvest Moon

Monday, September 12, 2011

The moon is enormous tonight, it's a beautiful harvest moon, I hope you didn't miss it.

I've been canning the past few days, I have zucchini pickles, banana peppers, pickled green beans (awesome in a bloody mary!), a bunch of escabeche - no cauliflower but it does have jalapenos, carrots, garlic and onions - some salsa and lastly, tomatoes. It's not a ton but a decent start, there is plenty yet to come out of the garden 

yet.......as long as it doesn't turn cold too soon!
I've got another 6 custom orders for books (I seem to run in 6's). I was sort of hoping to continue to add to my shops but I suppose this is even better considering they are SOLD!

I did get one using watercolor paper done today for the shops, I really love the fabric and the leaf skeletons I glazed over and added to the front jazzes it up nicely - it's one of my favorites.

Here is this weeks artisan from the On Fire For Handmade group
This weeks Featured Artisan is Sharri Powell - Moss and Mist! Gorgeous creations created with love.
You can find Moss and Mist on:
The wirework rings are absolutely beautiful, normally I'd link to a favorite but no can do this time - there are too many! Have a look and see if you agree!

There's no better song for this lovely night but this one...
And the moon is climbing high.........at the Shores

Getting Better

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I think today is the day my cold is taking a turn for the better, 11 days is a long time. I don't normally get sick living out in such a rural area but there are two places I will catch something if there's something to be caught, one, a visit to the city and two, on an airplane, both are swarming with cooties!

 I did get another book finished. It has lined pages and a very cool purple and orange batik - it has been ribbon bound. I like doing ribbon bound books, it gives the new owner the option of ordering refills. You can see it in either shop, I prefer selling through my HAFshop because it's a newer venue and I really love that they are so vigilant about their handmade only policy, you don't have to fight the resellers that go under the radar on other sites.

This Weeks Featured Artisan is Vaudeville Gypsy. Truly Unique Creations
to tickle your fancy! You can find Vaudeville Gypsy on:

She's got some cool Vaudeville gypsy costume, accessories & jewelry!

I'm breaking out some Suzanne Vega...it's been a long time since I've played any of her music.

You will hear yourself in a song...........at the Shores


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Just when I thought I was gaining momentum on the production side of things I get sick. It's been 9 days and I feel no better than when it first came over me. Ick.

Just before my ick I did a scavenger hunt of sorts (which is probably where I GOT the ick) with my step daughter, her husband and a couple of their friends in Cleveland. It was lots of fun running all over the city trying to decipher the clues given us and taking pictures of the answers, we all had to be in each picture too so a lot of strangers were stopped to help! There were almost 475 people entered, about 125 teams. The first team in took only 45 minutes to get it done....amazing really...it took us twice as long!
Here we are at the finish line...after getting a refreshment of course ;o)

The book above is another journal using more fair trade fabric from Mali, West Africa. 

Lastly, I did a mini 4" x 8" sketchbook using a batik.
I was contacted last night through Etsy asking if I would consider placing a dozen books in a shop on commission. I really hate the idea of putting anything out there on commission, I've heard too many horror stories I think. Has anyone ever had a good experience doing this? If so please drop me a line or leave a comment. My knee-jerk reaction is to just say thanks, but no thanks.

This is just because....

There's mountains to climb........at the Shores


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