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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've quit waiting on my new camera to get pictures of my handbound books - I am very sure that when Tom went to purchase it he never completed the transaction *sigh* I'll order it myself but for now I stomped out to the deck and took pictures the best I could for my shop....which has now opened, there are a few on the right sidebar if you scroll down. I never really knew how hard it was to open one, I am not very good with trying to advertise and describe my things so any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. They allow for 14 tags and I get stumped after about 5 or 6! Are my prices too high? UGH...this is just not easy :o(
Now I will leave you with a sweet song by Peter Gabriel "The Book of Love" in honor of my newly bound love for sale!
Soaking up the sunshine finally!............................at the Shores

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Susan HP said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE all those books. Your Etsy page looks fabulous & I will definitely be shopping!
I didn't know there was such a thing as an album for ATC cards. I believe I will be ordering one of those from you very soon, Andrea!
As far as the tags go, can you look at other pages with similar journals for ideas? Just a thought.
Anyway, glad you got started & I know everyone that journals will be salivating over those books!

Andrea said...

hehee...not sure there are albums for ATC's, but I am working on it to be sure! LOL
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Susan hopefully it will get easier to list things...oh, and talk to me BEFORE you make a purchase there

j stew said...

Andrea, usps.com has a shipping calculator for both international and domestic shipping. I didn't look at ups or fedex, but I'm sure they do too. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Heyyyyy - Stew was here! Nice surprise! :o)
Yah - I use that calculator for domestic parcels but real hard to get right on international, just a small variation on weight can make a big difference (burn me once...), if or when I actually ship a few I'll have a more accurate gauge, for now I'll just call my man at my lil PO up the road, let him know where it's going and how much it weighs, he'll give me a cost.....so stinkin' expensive.
I'm working on a painting you might be interested in *wink*wink*
Thanks for popping in!!!



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