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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I must say, I feel a lot better today. I reread my last post with all it's half finished thoughts and sentences and wondered if I should fix it, I decided not to, that was my mind.....fragmented.  
My friends have been an amazing support to me but I'd like to share the beauty of what my daughter's friends truly have been to her. Bryan's funeral has pretty much been paid for through the donations of friends and family - truly an amazing blessing as they had no insurance nor any savings. 
This weekend they will be having a get together to celebrate his life at a local Atlanta club with the cover charge proceeds going to Renee' to help her get on her feet, this is great especially since she has been away from work the past 3 weeks.
Last night she spent her first night alone and called me this morning saying she did fine and she thinks she'll be ok. Today she and her mother-in-law are at church packing up care packets for the local women's shelter, his mother is the epitome of strength and grace, I worry about Renee' less because she is there. 
Lastly, I cannot leave out her brother, my sweet son, who while she was here in Ohio for a week used his key to her apartment to buy some nice things to make her place a little more cozy and homey for when she returned. While I was still down in ATL he and I redid her bathroom with new shower curtain, rug and a few sets of towels...I think it felt so good to do that for his big sister that he had to do more while she was gone. I never knew he had it in him! I mean, he bought pictures for the walls, dish towels and scrubbies for the kitchen, new nightstands, lamps, candles and a new bed frame for her bedroom. I'm not sure when I've ever been more proud of both my kids.  
No pictures in this post, just wanted to share a little loveliness of this world just when sometimes you'd think it's simply gone mad.  
Getting by with a little help from my friends.........at the Shores  

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BelleSouth said...

What a blessing to have had so many supportive things happen, and to see one of your children do so much to bless another. I've been praying for your family.



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