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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was asked once how long it takes me on the average to do an ATC, I said 3-4 hours........I LIED! It takes me a bit longer. The booger I worked on tonight took me forever for one reason - I don't paint faces...people faces. I was in a swap where your partner chooses a favorite artist, mine chose Renoir, I gave her a hard time about putting the pressure on and she ended up giving me a couple alternates but this particular group I'm in is really for getting you to step out of your comfort zone and trying new things so I figured in all fairness I should send her what she really wanted, so after checking out a gazillion (yah, gazillion - the same amount as the national debt) I found one I thought I could do. I picked his portrait of actress Jeanne Samary circa 1877.
Edited to add: This is my finished product:

On an entirely different note, my mom came up for her annual come-to-the-tundra-for-fun trip. We had a blast as always. We had plenty of snow, as a matter of fact it snowed every day she was here practically so here's what we did on a couple days we were somewhat active:

This is where we ended up after running up and down the hill with our sleds...ON the snow flat on our backs - as I posted these pictures I realized my husband is right, I am my mother's "mini me", we are scooting down the hill below in the same fashion : }
Then in honor of the 2010 Olympics we went to the front yard for some fun:

Our downhill skier - of course took the gold

And we had the Roaming Shores Bobsled team also taking top honors:

The front yard now looks like a pitiful Olympian graveyard (or morgue) due to the sun this past weekend...we won't even go into the snow we have gotten since, we cannot even leave the house through the front door, the drifts are too high! So now we have a snow covered headless skier and shrunken bobsled team.
Thanks mom - winter would never be the same without you XOX.  Missing my mom...........................................at the Shores

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Jamie said...

You are definitely a "mini me" of your mom! I have a hard time telling which is which. Looks like you all had a blast! I love the Renoir ATC - tell me, is that the one you did or the original Renoir?! I can't tell!

Andrea said...

HAH! You're too kind, Jamie - the one I posted is mine, it was a good exercise in people portraits for me.

Jamie said...

Wow, Andrea...that is incredible!

Susan HP said...

LOVE the Renoir ATC! Who told you you can't do portraits?? Goodness!
Of course I love all the great snow pics - since I can now imagine what it's like to be surrounded by it! :)

Andrea said...

Susan, Nobody told me I couldn't do portraits - I've just never tried and to be honest was too scared to try!



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