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Book Binding and San Marino Daydreams

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sadly, San Marino is the last in our World Tour swap series, there just wasn't enough interest. I, however loved it, I learned a lot about some of the lesser known countries. It was fun while it lasted. I did a piece if what I think is a TITANO ceramic (left) which stands for Monte Titano, the mountain San Marino was built on. A little tidbit for you:  San Marino is the world's oldest and smallest republic.
As a kid growing up in Germany I remember a smallish souvenir type bottle containing wine either at my grandparents house or ours, my memory is a little unclear as to ownership and it looked much like the picture on the right. No idea as to why I remember that bottle so clearly - the texture of it was fantastic to me! Silly huh?

I've been crazy busy binding books. Here are a few custom pieces I've done recently:
For my husband the lineman

For Joann

Teacher's Journal

Pirate Art Journal
I've got one more to bind then hopefully I can get some made for my Etsy shop as it's getting even more bare and a lot of good that will do me during the holiday season.

The following video has no relevance to this post but it makes me smile to watch Sugar Chile Robinson play...genius! 

Already missing the warmth of summer.........at the Shores

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Richard Norman said...

I love your use of colour for the boards of your books, in particular I like the pirate journal, did you paint the design? Very nice thank you.


BelleSouth said...

I, too will miss the countries swap, but at least we did some cool ones. Love your San Marino!


Andrea said...

Richard, First, thank you for visiting my blog! And second, the skull and crossbones were in fact hand painted on an old map that I printed.

Rebecca, well it's good you like my San Marino ATC...it's coming YOUR way! haha! So pleased that you like it : )
PS I look forward to seeing your cigar box you did!

Susan HP said...

Lovely piece! I feel as though I talk to you every day & I still don't know how talented you are in SOOO many ways.
And of course the books are tres amazing, as always.
Love the post beneath this too, of course. Celebrating banned books & I am wearing the button again right now.
Love you Andrea XXXOOO
p.s. I'm back, I think. Wish me luck this time!



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